Palme De Or Technologies Sdn Bhd (Palme De Or Technologies Private Limited ) is a dynamic company, founded in 2012 in Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia – at the behest of its Executive Chairman & Director Dr. Federica Antonia Pellegatti an Italian Expatriate doing business in Malaysia since 2009

Find Her Exclusive Interview by Italian News on Palm Oil Business & Its Future In Malaysia :

*Note : Interview is in Italian Language

Palme De Or Technologies Sdn Bhd (Palme De Or Technologies Private Limited) was established after four years of R&D in the Malaysian Business structure and research on Asia  Financial Market. As an Individual Dr. Federica has a vast experience in the Financial Management & Commodities Trading.

PDOT with the involvement of local and other foreign partners from various background has a strong business fundamental and capacity as a business entity. Every day we try to do our best to be at par with the MNC’s in terms of quality of deliver and service.