Palme De Or Technologies Sdn Bhd

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Palme De Or Technologies Sdn Bhd (Palme De Or Technologies Private Limited) is a young and dynamic company, founded in 2012 in Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia – at the behest of its Executive Chairman & Director Dr. Federica Antonia Pellegatti.
Palme De Or Technologies Sdn Bhd (Palme De Or Technologies Private Limited), is born after four years of research and studies in the Malaysian Palm Oil Business structure and research on the Financial Market
PDOT diversified into new Green Energy to create more business and working environment opportunities and in the same time saving the world to reduce pollution index for palm oil related activities.
Our main business comprises of the following:-
– Manufacturing & Sales of Biodiesel
– CPO – Crude Palm Oil – Trade Oil & Derivatives (Biodiesel – Biofuel – Hight Fatty Acid)
– PPO – Processed Palm Oil – Cooking Oil
– Affiliated Refinery (with sludge processing) with certifications & licenses MPOB – ISCC – RSPO
– Financial Management

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