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Our main business comprises of the following:

The commodities includes Crude Palm Oil & Cooking Oil, Biodiesel, Biofuel, Sludge,

  • Agro business (Palm Oil):

Requires agreements and contracts with various cooperatives, direct producers.

– CPO – Crude Palm Oil – Trade Oil & Derivatives (Biodiesel – Biofuel)

– PPO – Processed Palm Oil – Cooking Oil

– Affiliated Refinery (with sludge processing) with certifications & licenses MPOB

  • OXO – BIODEGRADABLE in Exclusivity on Palme De Or Technologies Sdn Bhd – Malaysia –

This Oxo-Straws are environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic straws, which are being banned throughout all around the word. Although they feel, look and perform like traditional plastic straws, a special additive “Reverte®” is mixed during the manufacturing process, which makes them 100% biodegradable.

OXO-BIO Straws have a lifespan of around 18 months.

After its useful life, and will begin to degrade / break down after 48 hours of exposure to oxygen and sunlight.

Our extensive range come in various shapes and colours, available in Regular, Jumbo, Thick shake, Flexi, Cocktail and many more types.

  • KUEM Royal Heritage  “ The Royal Secrets of Natural Vitality”
  • Calamansi Jam – Tropical Fruit 100% Natural –  no sugar, no additives, no colorants and preservatives
  • SFO – Sunflower oil. Origin Spain, Ukraine, Bulgaria
  • Olive oil – Origin Spain.
  • WHITE REFINED CANE SUGAR ICUMSA 45 RBU  and other Brazilian aggro-commodities  through our associates in Brazil.
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