KUEM Royal Heritage


KUEM Royal Heritage «The Royal Secrets of Natural Vitality»


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This Line called «Premier Luxury Line» 

Created in Exclusive for Four Seasons Hotels SPA worldwide, first in SPA Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia 

KUEM Royal Heritage was further established in 2013 to further research and develop its products with a selective team of biotechnology specialist from FRIM (Forest Research Institute of Malaysia), by incorporating advance Herbal extraction techniques and careful selection of essential oils composition.

The best ingredients

KUEM’s holistic recipe is based on age old Malay traditions of preserving vitality benefiting from selective natural herbal and spice remedies. We takes pride in delivering finest quality of products to the enjoyment of many. The richness of the products natural ingredients of each range are specially sourced from selected places in Malaysia and Asia region, where the soils and its weather produces the ingredients of its best quality.

For eg. KUEM’s star product is the most known soothing and sensual ‘Royal Heritage’ Ginger Massage Oil helps new mothers fortify their bodies, regain inner spirits and, recover in the shortest time possible. It contains Ginger Herbal extract and purified essential oil. The gingers used are handpicked ginger farmed in Janda Baik, Bentong, Pahang, a state in central of Peninsula Malaysia, being the best spot and location to grow the best quality of ginger in the country.

«AMMIRARE» by KUEM The Beauty of Essence

Rotan Manau Herbal Tungku Massage. Combining the healing power of human touch with an incredibly effective rattan tool, this deep-tissue massage awakens energy meridians, boosts blood circulation and firms the appearance of skin. Discover the potent healing properties of KUEM Royal Heritage Oil, featuring hand-picked ginger from Pahang

Extracted Oils:  in drops suitable for room diffuser. Extract of Essential oil: suitable for cervical and massages to be performed in specific areas – neck – wrists – temples – head.

All the products of the KUEM Line are available in «Test Samples» 
Target Customer: Resort / Rooms Hotel / SPA