“Quality and Fair price to you”

The trading of commodities has been in existence since time immemorial. From the earliest recorded history, trade has been conducted first between neighboring countries and has continued to expand on a global basis.

The trading of commodities has flourished to become a global economic linchpin and a barometer for economic climates that can influence interest rates, currency values, and governmental policies.

At Palme de Or Technologies Sdn Bhd the approach to trading of commodities is transparent and non-complicated. We progress each deal into the banking system as early as possible. This offers both Supplier and Buyer the comforts that their transaction will be managed within compliance and regulations of banking systems for a smooth effortless closing.

Our mission is to meet the immediate needs and desires of our customers, offering a wide range of goods and services in different locations, with appropriate costs to enable us to offer fair prices and profitable opportunities to our customers and allow us to collaborate in the socioeconomic development of the people involved in the production chain of each of the products we sell.