A leading company dedicated to the production and marketing of staple for each of our prestigious clients.

Since July 2014 PDOT directly builds bio-diesel plants, through a private agreement signed directly with our own chemical engineer. In addition, PDOT, can do even counselling. Upon request, we can arrange site visits, to view the facilities that already ‘produce bio-diesel or we can provide the power point presentation.

In addition to through our affiliate – on request – can provide the following certificates: ISCC – RSPO – HACCP – HALAL – HALAL(JAKIM)- MPCA SCHEME – FDA – MESTI – FOOD PRIMES REGISTRATION – SIRIM QAS – ISO 9001 –

PDOT diversified in to new Green Energy to create more business and working environment opportunities and in the same time saving the world to reduce pollution index for palm oil related activities.

Our quality service and expertise have made Palme de Or Technologies Sdn Bhd a market leader serving as an example of quality with competitive pricing.

We can provide – as well – to sell FOB – CNF – CIF – with Flexi Tank – Flexi Bag – ISO-TANK – with Shipping Company affiliated