Establishing guidelines for simplified export clearance:

In order to achieve a streamlined and timely process for the delivery of the products and the proper enforcement of the rules that regulate and control the process to allow effective and efficient import and export results.

Purchases in the domestic market:

Given its history of activities in Malaysia, PDOT has a wide network of suppliers with whom we have a stable relationship and mutual trust, which is essential in this business.

Financial management:

In international trade, we all know that the worst workhorse are banks, for this reason, PDOT has operational accounts and international financial advisory.

Control of documentation and certifications:

Our policy of control of the documentation and the establishment of clear and viable procedures is essential for our business, for this reason and thinking about the future certifications to obtain, we have a very strict system regarding the documents that are issued, who and why they are issued as well as their registration. PDOT currently has the following certification systems:

MPOB License